Breeding mealworms and waxworms

I have been breeding mealworms for my lizards for a while but never breed waxworms, Can waxworms be housed with mealworms

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Waxworms aren’t something one should be breeding for regular use, because waxies are very, very fatty with nothing else to recommend them. Mealworms aren’t very healthy either.

So, assuming you are considering breeding them both to try and sell them- no, you should not house two species together. They have very different housing and dietary needs, and both will be negatively affected by the presence of the other.

I suggest looking into breeding black soldier fly larvae, silkworms, hornworms, roaches, or any other feeder insect that provides nutrition instead of fat. With the (debated) exception of black soldier fly larvae, don’t forget to gut-load & supplement appropriately. Not gut-loading & supplementing is the cause of “metabolic bone disease.”

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