Breeding old females

I have 2 females 10 to 12 years old that have never laid eggs before and I’ve been pairing them with a male once a month since January 2020. I’m wanting to know if it’s feasible for them to become gravid or not. One of them is just over 2,000g and the other is at 4,500g.

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This is very relevant to your questions. And as far as your females in question yes they should be able to breed no problem. If I am not mistaken @osbornereptiles has a 18 year old female still breeding for him and giving him consistent good clutches.


They can breed well into their 20’s and passed that, 10 to 12 years old is what I would call their prime.


Yes at that age they should still be viable to produce healthy clutches for you.
Oldest I’ve seen a female lay eggs is 23 years old, so yours should easily be able to.