Breeding opinions

Hello all I would like some opinions.

This past 1.5 month’s I have acquired 4 new bull’s and a gopher snake.

1.1 Christine Tx.
1.1 Kingsville red bull
0.1 christmas mountain gopher.

My question is the male Kingsville is a 2021 and hes close to 5 feet .

I just got a female Christmas mountain gopher between 5 and 6 feet .

So female kingsville bull will be at least 4 years before I would like to try and breed her to the male kingsville.

I was thinking possibly breeding the male kingsville to the female Christmas mountain gopher. I was told the sonoran gopher and Texas bulls intergrade line runs through the Christmas mountains.

Has anyone tried breeding something like this just curious what turn-out was? They have huge color difference etc. I do plan on breeding the Kingsville male to female when she’s ready.

Here they are.


Hey @roy200079! Welcome back and how is the one with the nose rub? Looks like you’ve got the breeding fever! I’m sure you will get some great advice here!

Best wishes for great success! :blush:

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Hello yes actually I’ve never bred snakes so it’s going to be interesting to say the least! I have big plans in the near future for sure . I’m getting myself set up for future business not about money or anything just the enjoyment of educating people on these incredible animals that don’t get enough credit vs average dog or cat etc. I’m a nature / animal lover Gift from God now it’s time to use it!


Amen @roy200079 Roy! You may be on to something with your breeding plans because there are so many ball pythons on the market now that breeding the types of snakes you have would be a welcome change!

I can’t wait to see what others say and what advice you receive!

Have a blessed evening Roy! :pray::blush:

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Yes I’m welcoming all opinions!