Breeding ovalation question

My ball python recently seems like she has gone into ovalation but I have a question. She seems like she was building for about a month and everything seemed to be going great than she started to shed which seemed like a good sign maybe her pre lay or something like that. But after she shed it seemed like her size had dramaticlly decresed compared to what it once was when she was building. Is this Normal?

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They only ovulate for a short period of time, how long was it between what you thought was an ovulation and when the snake shed?

It’s was around a week before she started shedding

I would guess that if you hold her up and let the last 2/3 of her body drape, you’ll see a slight swell that’s not symmetrical on both sides of her stomach. It’s possible that’s she’s building and you just mistook that for an ovulation. You can’t miss it when they ovulate. It’s looks terrible lol.

This breeding pictorial is pretty helpful to with.