Breeding Pairs for Enchi Super Mystic Ball Python

I have a one year old Enchi Super Mystic Male named Lucius. When he’s mature, I would love to breed him. Does anyone have recommendations for females to breed him with?
Thank you!


Hello and welcome to the forum @lucius-purple-passion! So you are thinking about breeding your male BP? I’m not a BP breeder, I am only a keeper, but I would like to ask you if you have thought this through? I don’t know if you have checked out the sales side of MM but there are over 40 thousand ball pythons for sale on this site alone, not to mention the ones listed on Craigslist, Kingsnake Classified, etc. If you are thinking about trying to sell the babies you produce here, it may be difficult and it may be difficult elsewhere as well.


Do you have potential buyers/adopters lined up?

Are you prepared to house, maintain the enclosures and feed possibly 12 ball pythons for an extended amount of time? (2 adults and up to 10 babies possibly?) until you find homes for the babies?

Do you know how to assist feed any babies that refuse to eat?

And most of all do you have a reputable reptile/exotics vet lined up in case one of your animals becomes ill?

Please don’t take my reply to you the wrong way because I mean you no disrespect. But if you are willing and most of all financially able to take care of all the animals you may bring into the world then by all means go for it!

I know I have not answered your original question but trust me there are plenty of ball python breeders who will give you advice on pairing morphs.

I wish you all good things @lucius-purple-passion and again welcome to the family! :blush:


Seconding every single thing caron said, because these are extremely important points. The market is saturated - be prepared to keep hatchlings (in their own individual enclosures) for a long time. I’m talking a year or more. You will also need to be prepared in case you have to cull hatchlings, you’ll need to get an incubator, you’ll need food for all of them and the ability to get them started eating or assist feed if they won’t, which does sometimes happen and someone needs to show you how to do that, as if you do it wrong, you can kill the hatchlings.

All of that said - if you are still 100% positive that you want to breed - then the best thing you can breed is something you love and are passionate about. Don’t breed for the market, don’t ask for recommendations for cool pairings because everyone’s definition of cool is different. Do research on all of the available genes and find the ones that you love, and then breed those. And also make sure you know how to ID all of those genes before you breed. :slight_smile:


Would love to see pics! My go to morph is always my phantoms, such a great bel complex morph! Of course since yours are super mystic you could always go with Mojave for mystic potions with or without Enchi, which also goes good with Mojave too! I really like the look of super phantoms/mystics with banana/coral glow they never get dark with age and are very lavender! Also you could start a recessive project with clown, desert ghost, hypo these all look great with mystic and Enchi as well! Really it depends on what you personally like! Like @caron said you may have them for a while, but if you breed just for what you would like for yourself it can totally be worth it! Good luck on your future projects!:+1:


I have a Super Enchi Mojave female. Maybe look into something like her.