Breeding piebald and blue eyed lucy

Hello iam new to this hobby, i have had a black kingsnake and a piebald for over a year so know i am getting a little bit of intrest in breeding. My friend also owns an Blue eyed lucy. Both are females and thats why we where wondering what would be the best match to breed with them because i will be getting a male soon and what could the results be. Female one is a Pastel Piebald
female 2 is a Blue eyed lucy.
I was thinking somehting Ghi or black pastel but i dont know. I look forward to getting some reccomendation

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Hey dude you should try and get a Male with the most Gene’s as possible not being part of the blue eyed Lucy complex that is also het for pied. Or even a pied powerhouse Male would work perfect for your situation. It also depends on what you want to work towards.


Mojave pied! That way when you breed it to the pied all the babies will be pied or pastel pied or pastel Mojave pied and when you breed it to the blue-eyed leucistic half of the baby should be blue-eyed leucistic and all of the babies will be het pied. Do you know what jeans the blue-eyed leucistic has?


Mojave pied’s have pattern and Mojave is part of the bel complex a lot of Gene’s in the bel complex will create an all white snake with small eyes when mixed with the pied Gene
This is my lesser pied female

Lesser is another Gene in the blue-eyed leucistic complex


Thank you for this awesome respond. The Bel is a lesser/butter mix. I was thinking about a super black pastel or an axanthic but honestly I have no idea what that mix can make with a BEL but I know that it makes panda pied or lightning pied which I think is very beautiful snakes. How ever as I said Iam new to this and Iam open to all advice I can get. Thanks again

Hello, thanks for ur answer I was thinking about a super black pastel or an axanthic to work toward the panda pied and lightning pied. Do you think it’s a great idea

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Yea that sounds cool man work towards whatever you want to make, I wouldnt suggest using black pastel or the super form to make the panda pied because super black pastel often has problems. Try breeding for a super mahogany its basically the same morph.

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Really thankful for that advise

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That would be incorrect Mahogany is not basically the same morph as Black Pastel.

The only thing they have in common is that they are both dark morphs and there are a few.

A mutation that would be consider the same as black pastel would be Cinnamon which has the same issues as well.

So no Mahogany is not basically the same it’s a different mutation that is a better alternative to produce a dark and white snake.


Anyways, use mahogany to make your panda pied because it’s basically better than black pastel or cinna whatever.

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i have seen som cinnamon and supar black pastells inte the market they dont seem to have issues however maybe its internal issues. Iam wondering about the difference between a tsk and an MJ axanthtic

I looked at the result iam highly considering it because they look awesome with mahogany and with Mojave’s however I couldn’t find any mahogany in the market at the time

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If you wait for your females to be up to size to get your Male then you will have longer to choose and a wider variety to choose from on the market.

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A Super Mahognay Pied is not a Panda Pied while it may to you the genetics and terminology are important so is providing accurate information to newer people looking into breeding.


Exactly​:blush::ok_hand: let the waiting game begin

Most Black Pastel and Cinnamon combos are fine the only issues are with super form and combos with the super form.

As to Axanthic there are several lines none of which are compatible

MJ stand for Markus Jayne (Marc Mandic) and is what make the Lighthing Pied (Axanthic Pied from his own line of Axanthic)

You also have

TSK (Snake Keeper Line)

Jolliff (Michael Jolliff Line)

VPI (The Barker’s Line)


Thanks for info. Any of you coming to the Stockholm expo next month?


I will also add BlackAxanthic to this list which is also from the Barkers/VPI but is genetically different than the VPI Axanthic


Get on the Create tab and play around to see what works best. Good luck to you.


I’d breed the pastel pied to a banana pied or banana 100% het pied.

The BEL I’d pair it to highway to get some gravels het highway then pair the babies back to the highway dad to get some lesser/butter highways