Breeding Plans

We are proud to be announcing MorphMarkets newest release, Breeding Plans!

Breeding Plans is designed to help you plan, track, and promote your projects.

  • Experiment with pairings and visualize possible outcomes
  • View expected combined outcomes for your entire season
  • Share projects, expectations and results with the community

You can access the Breeding Manager using the “Breeding” item on the menu or the beaker icon.

The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Add your not-for-sale breeding animals to your collection if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Activate the breeding adults which you want to work with this season.
  3. Pair up male to females or females to males.

After creating pairings, you can do things like:

  • View the combined outcomes which are possible from all the pairings using the “Outcomes” button.
  • Share individual pairings by setting their visibility to public. These will show up in the MorphMarket Projects section of the site.
  • Share your entire breeding plan. It will include all public pairings.
  • Create Offspring Groups from the pairings as females ovulate. From here you can later easily generate the offspring, which can then be turned into listings.

The best part is that Breeding Plans are available to all MorphMarket users free of charge. Members get extra benefits with no new costs, such as the ability for other users to browse, search and get alerts on their project activity.

Upcoming improvements include:

  • Breeder Waitlists for buyers to engage sellers on potential offspring
  • Recording breeding activity such as pairing events, locks, and follicle sizes
  • Multiple breeding plans

Learn more about Breeding Plans by watching the video above and by reading our support article or try it out right now!

MorphMarket Projects: Plan. Pair. Promote.

Lets see your projects!
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Played around with this yesterday and it’s great! One thing I would love to see added at some point would be breeding loans. Where another breeder could send you the profile for one of their snakes so you could add it to your breeding plans.


This is really awesome! Messed around with it myself for my 2023 pairings, though I’d like to be able to add events for the females such as ovulation and prelay shed as well as observed locks and follicle growth.


How about a request button? Or up/down vote buttons for the pairs? For visitors.

So say I like Anna’s store. I can go to AK Morphs and see what she’s pairing, ok so far so good.

Then, maybe there are up/down like buttons for the pairings she has listed, so we can all hit the buttons, and she can get an idea of how popular those pairings are.

Maybe up/down buttons for the offspring for the same data.

And my favorite, let her list some potential breeders and we can use drop down boxes to list our say top 3 desired pairings.

Bet she’d love to have that data…


That’s a really cool idea!!!


All in due time :wink: image

I am generally against any type of negative count button, especially on animals people have worked hard to produce, but a “like” count would be a great addition!

@akmorphs you’ve been called out, better get those pairings made public :crazy_face:

I think a lot of people would! great suggestions!


I take your point about the negative count button. I guess i wasn’t thinking about it like that. I mainly think it would be amazing feedback from the community to have. And having a way for the community to “pick their match-up” would be really fun and interactive.

In fact, that might even be a fun contest/fundraiser for the forum/MM. Let interested breeders put up prospective pairings, let the community pick the top ones, then auction the offspring/clutches. You could add in a bit of risk/mystery by making it a “sight unseen” auction. Oooh, I love it! The breeder has to post pics/vid of the eggs being numbered, bid on the egg, get what comes out! I don’t know how you would do live birth though. Hahaha, take Billy and Austin’s game to a whole new level! Let the proceeds go to various charities or other non profits.

I already see people referring to “designer morphs” and even I with my, so far limited, breeding experience have had people offer to buy a particular combo before it has hatched, just to be sure they were in line. Maybe MM could put in a feature where visitors/buyers could make requests? Or at least express interest.

I know i would love to have that information. Hell, I’d like it right now. I have three girls that i have held off on because of the current market. They can take the season off, no worries. There are some boys in the growouts that will be excellent pairings next season, no worries. But if I knew there was strong interest in the results of a particular current pairing, it isn’t too late to add on to the schedule.


I believe I’m one of the only breeders on MM community that makes a separate post for each season and lists actual pairings simply because I am 100% transparent in all projects and pairings. Most breeders aren’t and that’s okay. They have projects they might not want others to know about that their working - and I get it. I simply do it because I’m working with imports, and it helps others who are interested in the project to see what morphs I’ll have added into the project.

If someone likes something they see on the list they usually DM me on IG and ask to be put on a waitlist for that specific pairing