Breeding project advice

I have these two males I’m looking to breed in the future. I have a lot to learn so I’m just looking for advice right now for the next females I get. What would you pair these guys with? What I was told from the breeders is these guys are pastel pied het lavender and the other is a pastel calico.


First, welcome to the community! Second, with that being a pied het lavender, I’d find a female that is at a minimum het pied and het lavender, if you want to make lavender pieds. Otherwise it’s all about what you want to make. Take a look on MorphMarket and look through the pieds. Find combos you like, and go from there.


Nice snakes to start off with!

I would probably get a lavender het pied + extra genes female to pair with the pastel pied het lav. Look at extra morphs that you like both alone and with pied/lavender.

Second advice is to not spread thin over a lot of different directions. Think in terms of projects and how your breeding plans will all fit together with each other.


Other than the 2 listed snakes, do you have any others? The calico/pastel would go well with a pastel Mojave or a cinnamon enchi female. I would definitely breed the pied at minimum to a pied/het pied female. But you can breed him to just about any female and get het pieds for future projects.


I have 4 others but they are boas. These are the only two ball pythons I currently have.