Breeding prolapsed snakes

I have a bp who prolapsed when she was less then 1 year old she is now over 1800 it’s been about 3 years would it be ok to breed her? Or is there a increased risk of re prolapsing

I would ask a Veterinarian that specializes in reptiles. I would think
She should not be bred.

I do know if a dog has hernias or prolapse that they shouldn’t be bred My dog had them. Vet said No to puppies.
Snakes could be different. Someone on here with more experience could tell you I’m sure.


While I am not a veterinarian, I personally would not breed a ball python that had prolapsed before. It seems like a bad idea.

@mblaney - thoughts?


I personally would not attempt to breed.

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Did she only prolapse the one time? Did it require surgical intervention to repair?

Yes it was once and I had to bring her to the vet and have them push it back in it may have gone back in on its own but I didn’t want to risk it. Looking at the bills that for some reason I still have it went in easily if that means anything

I agree it wouldn’t be wise. With surgical repairs (at least with my experience in avians) the vet will usually discuss breeding if it’s still practical. Without it I don’t see how it would heal correctly. With a prolapse at that age though, if it wasn’t being dramatically overfed, I would be concerned it was genetic.

When you start with a perfectly healthy female, the most dangerous thing you can do with it, is breed it. Breeding one with a previous issue in that particular area of it’s anatomy, is really rolling the dice.


Yeah I basically eliminated all but genetics and dehydration as factors I believe she may have not been able to drink out of the water bowl I gave her but I can’t fully remember it was years ago plus she’s not interesting enough genetics wise for it to be worth the risk

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I wouldn’t breed any animal that has previously prolapsed.