Breeding questions for first project!

Hello there and thank you in advance for any answers!
My wife and I are starting a clown project this year. It will be our first project and we are starting with a big 3700 gram Lesser Pastel 100% Het Clown Female. I was wondering what some of you would recommend breeding her with? Ive heard Enchi is always a good gene to add in also heard leopard, spotnose, black pastel, mahogany and red stripe are good genes to throw in! Just trying to ask around to get better ideas. Thanks again <3

leo clowns are amazing… but it really depends on what you can actually find for your male. I would recommend looking at visual clown males and seeing what is available. I always recommend pairing hets to visuals when possible so not only do you have a greater potential to get visuals but they are all at least 100% hets.


I really love the look of leopard clowns! We are definitely wanting a visual clown male to breed her with. Ill keep looking around. Thank you so much for your response <3

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I tend to like the way fire and yellowbelly work in with clowns as well

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I really enjoy banana, cinnamon, and blade when paired with clown