Breeding questions for newbie

I have a female I got this year who is 2400 grams. I thought I felt follicles growing but not 100% sure, Im learning to palpate since I can not afford an ultrasound.
But I am trying to pair a male to her who is 1000g and its just not happening.
If her follicles absorb then do i wait until next year? I am totally ok if so
Any tips on getting them interested in breeding?
I tried dropping temps for a month and everything.
any tips for next year would be great

The good news is that you don’t have to have an ultrasound machine to breed those animals successfully :wink:

The issue with any type of animals is that because they are ready does not mean they will go, sometimes it’s the male, sometime it’s the female, sometime it is both.

What you need to keep in mind is that because you do not see a lock does not mean nothing is happening over the years I have had mutiple males from which I never confirmed a lock but yet they sired many clutches for me.

Now if she is building up and still on the cool side you can keep pairing or stop if you decide this year will be a no go, it’s really up to you and it depends on where the female stands really.

As far as trick first you do not have to cool to breed successfully, I did my first 2 seasons and have not since (I did to experiment but found it unnecessary)

What you need to do is pair when the weather is favorable, low pressure (cold front, snowm rain, hurricane etc)

If you have other animals males and females here is what you can do.

Smear the “sperm plug” of another male on the female’s back.

Use the shed of another male or other female.

Use the bedding of another male or female.



A new nugget of info to me I had not heard this one yet thanks @stewart_reptiles


Thank you for the knowledgeable info! I feel like every time I look up anything about breeding its relatively the same information and doesnt answer my questions. I have not heard of the shed or sperm plug tricks, I may try that

That why places like this exist :wink: not everything is covered usually most guide cover the basics and even than there are many ways to do it, but there are little trick which is why picking people’s brain is always a good idea. :wink:


So I woke up this morning and its freaking snowing, decided to try a couple of the tips you gave me.
Did the shed and sperm plug thing and low and behold my Male gets straight to work


Good to hear the snow definitely plays a big part in it :+1: