Breeding questions from a complete beginner

hello, ive done a decent amount of reading and have watched a ton of videos, but i would love to get some actual back and forth dialog from those who have done this already. To prevent a TLDR to my most important question, ill ask it first, has anyone ever followed a breeding path for creating a super carmel albine axanthic granite carpet python? I want to start pushing to see if i can accomplish breeding for one, but would be VERY interested to know if its be done and even more interested to see how it came out!

My next question is fairly simple. Everyone has to start somewhere and i would love some advice as to what kind of equipment and setup everyone started with, what mistakes did you make that i might avoid, and what has worked well for you guys via housing do they beed tk broomate(i spelt this completely wrong im sure) what kind of room is best to set things up in, any failsafes for imextended powerloss just in case, etc.

My last question is on inbreeding, ive seen alot of controversy on this but the general consensus seems to be that you need to get far into the weeds before it causes any kind of harm to the offspring, but would love to hear individual experiences from others. With the pair i have, the first gen will have alot of hets, but no actual displayed morphs (sorry, some should hatch with the carmel morph since i believe it is a dominant trait)

The snakes ill be using (once they are breeding age in a year or two) is a sunglow female and a male axanthic het granite (pictures attached). Would love suggestions from some experienced individuals, or even those that just dabble but may have run accross this or feel they can help out!

Thanks much in advance!


When I had carpets years ago, I never cooled them down. The room I kept them in had plenty of light, so the photoperiod was naturally adjusted. I think there was probably a slight temperature change coming out of winter into spring in my home, but not much. My females and males were all at least 3 years old and I think weighed in the 2500-3000 gram range? I only bred my jungle carpets, though. I had them in vision 400 enclosures. I had a breeding trio of both jungles and coastals.


Quick question, sorry for thread hijacking.
I noticed that Vision Cages are around double the price of other similarly sized enclosures. What is the advantage? I am not familiar with them, sorry if that comes off as rude, it isn’t my intention.

I actually bought mine about 15 years ago on sale for $199 shipped! I know, they are expensive now. They work fine. Sliding glass doors, easy to clean, hold heat and humidity well. Easy to install heat elements and thermostats. I have built some of my own out of melamine. You can find different colors and sheet sizes at Lowe’s. I’m not sure if you are handy or not, but my homemade enclosures work better than my vision cages.

Interesting. I am definitely not to that degree of handywork, just ordered my T8 from Animal Plastics. I will say that I have seen some crazy awesome custom enclosures people have built.

Sounds good, yeah they are both yearlings, so ive still got a couple years to prepare i got some other advice off a facebook page about how some of the morphs interact and it seems even if im able to get one to hatch granite eventually, it will likely be lost in the other morphs, so thats its good to know i dont need to fight the odds to try and get that included. As for cage i was looking at the ones offered by ARS, they are very expensive though, but appear very high quality and have most necessary elements built in, so if i put away 100$ a month, by the time these guys are breeding age, i should be good to go :slight_smile:

all good, it was a good question, and chances are i likely would have had a similar question ha ha

dealing with multiple recessive and co-dominant genes , the possibilities make my head spin. But As a an old breeder who remembers simpler things I think you should temper expectation and realize that the “odds” of producing certain combinations to get certain morphs are rarely good predictors. Over time and a big enough sample those odds probably play out. My first experience with breeding morphs was way back in the early 90s when albino burmese pythons were rare and expensive animals. I helped a friend who bought a very expensive 2 year old male albino and 3, 3year old 100% het females from a reputable breeder. All three hets did prove out (eventually) The first year we bred this group he got 3 clutches of 13, 15 and 16 eggs. All hatched and there was only 1 albino, from the smallest clutch. He was not sure if he was just really unlucky or if the hets weren’t het. The next year he got clutches of 17, 21 and 21 eggs and a total of 5 albino babies. There was at least one in each clutch so he knew he had real hets. The third year he got 17, 18 and 21 eggs and got 23 albinos including 13 of 18 in one clutch. I was not involved after that as he had the breeding part down but I talked to him from time to time over the years and he basically stopped using hets as some of his hold backs had matured and he did some trading for unrelated albinos. Plus the prices was already falling by then.but the point is with a 100% het and asnake with the recessive trait visible he should have been getting 50% albinos and that clearly did not happen. That is because each snake had a 50% chance and it is not cumulative. If you flip a coin a bunch of times it is the same odds. over time and enough flips you will probably average out to about 50% heads and 50% tails, but you could very easily, with a smaller sampling, flip all heads or all tails. I did the same thing when I bred a male white sided black rat snake to a couple of albino females The babies looked like neither parent (visually normal) but het for both. I bred some of those babies to each other a few years later and I got normals (posible het but I sold the same price as normal) I got a few whitesides and a few more albinos but I never did get a whitesided albino, which is what I was shooting for. I have seen whitesided albinos on the market so someone was luckier than me. This is not meant to discourage you or to say that you should not try, just to inject a little reality. I always loved breeding and I always expected to get less than average results and then, when something out of the ordinary happened it was a bonus instead of being a letdown when it didn’t happen. I really did want to produce the first white sided albino black rats though! I hope that helps a little.

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I appreciate the words even if they are a reality check haha. Im doing it as a side hobby to my main job that lets me work with reptiles as well as make a little extra on the side. I fully expect it to be very slow going at first especially since i have to wait for the current ones i have to grow, breed them, wait for their offspring to grow for a few more years, breed them and HOPE that some of those offspring give me some solid recessives i can work with and trade for others of the same typing to keep a varried gene pool. Im not expecting to have any golden egg babies for at least a decade, and even that would be luck as it would be 3 generations in.

Also as an update, got the first 2 snakes to add to my start up gene pool , and debating about adding a 3rd since she is 3 years old and matches my current males typing (axanthic het granite) so it would at least give me a start (though id want to give my male at least another year to grow) and if i luck out with an axanthic granite, im homestly not sure if adding albino to it would do much good anyways, so i may just try to start breeding those and figuring out another mix to try setting up for.! (Photos used with permission from breeder they were purchased from)

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I don’t see anything wrong here. Seems like someone is being a troll, unless @stewart_reptiles, sees something we don’t. Your animals are beautiful!

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3 of the pictures were from ads, 2 of snakes i had purchaced, 1 i was contemplating purchasing. Because the photos did not belong to me and i shared them without the permission of the breeder, that is why they were blocked. I have obtained permission for 2 i purchased now, but will remove the 3rd one as the breeder is reluctant to have me talk to others about potential transactions.

Ok makes sense. Thanks for the Update!

No problem :slight_smile: the post should be back shortly, i have been working with the mods to bring it back in compliance. Just shows that its important not to make assumptions of what is OK. When in doubt, ask!