Breeding Questions & Plans

The females are Luka who is 2600+grams and Sonja who is 2300+grams.
The males are Thomas who is 1000+grams and Viktor who is 780 grams.
Luka and Sonja are normals.
Viktor(pictured below) is a fire, calico, leopard, spider, orange dream.
Thomas(pictured below) is a super banana and pastel.

I am breeding to normals to prove the super of Thomas and because they are my only breedable females this year. This will be my first breeding season and would like to know a few things from the community.

I need to get a incubator like yesterday. I’m planning on my first pairing next month. I’d like some suggestions on incubators so I can order them before next week so I have the incubator before the eggs arrive. My budget for the incubator is about 400usd before shipping and taxes. But I also am open to some light DIY projects.

I’ve read that with pairing 1:1 I only need to pair 3days once a month if I don’t see a lock. Can someone go in to more detail about that.

I would also like to get a hatchling rack at the same time I order an incubator, so if you have suggestions on that. I would appreciate it as well. My budget for the rack is about the same as the incubator 400usd before shipping and taxes. I would prefer a professional rack. I already have a diy adult set up and am planning on investing in the next tier of racks.

Any additional advice to have for a first time breeding would be welcomed.




This is what I do. I don’t run my males to a lot of females. But I pair every three to four weeks. If I see a visual lock I remove the male after they are separated. If not I leave the male in there for 3 days.


Personally, I would make sure that you get the rack and incubator before even starting to pair the snakes. This is because a lot companies that sell racks and incubators are pretty backed up right now and it will probably take a good while to get them, so having them before pairing will ensure that you don’t have to worry about things being delayed. Or you could build them yourself, but I am definitely not the person to talk to about that lol.


I also only have a male go to a female once a month. There is no evidence that more helps anything and it definitely can cause issues with the male. Technically one one pairing one time should do it but we are creatures of habit and in our brains more is better.

As far a incubators I prefer hot box, however my husband and I make racks professionally and are working on doing incubators too so hopefully I can make my own in the future.

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I have to say, @reneesreptiles is right on point about delays. I ended up building another DIY rack for this very reason. If you can solder, you can have a DIY incubator for well under the $400. I realize this was not your point in your OP, so sorry for derailing anything on the thread. I can talk you through and have videos of my builds if you decide you need to go the DIY route.

The delays are pretty bad. Been waiting almost two months for our new rack. Most sizes of heat tape are becoming hard to find. I may be building another rack on my own before the new one shows up. My rack is full now🤣

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I landed 3" heat tape for hatchling rack from reptile basics last week. They seem in good stock, on that size