Breeding questions

Hey yall. So ive been into snakes for awhile thanks to my dad. He has loads of boas and once i got a job i started saving to buy my own snake. I liked the boas but after seeing the colors of milksnakes, and seeing that their colors dont fade like boas as they get older, i decided to get one.
Well i now have 4 to start, only three that im ok with possibly breeding cause i got one from the vet and i truly dont know what kind of milk she is and just dont want to cross bread not knowing her history.
Anyway, i have 2 that are 2 and half years old or so and im hoping to breed them next year dependent on their size. Ive done a little reasearch about it and just wanted some pointers if anyone had any.
I also was wondering if brumation is necessary for milk snakes, or just recommended to increase odds of them taking. My dad seems to think its not necessary, but from what im reading the brumation is what causes the female to start ovulating and actually creating eggs to be feetalized. Can anyone clear this up for me

And the male i plan on breeding is a hypo abberrant, het ghost honduran, the female is just a albino honduran.

Thanks to anyone who lends their time


I personally don’t think that Aberrant Hypo het Anery x Albino is a great pairing, because it won’t produce any visuals. I’d recommend pairing your male with a female that has at least some of the same genes as him. That way, the offspring will be worth more, and will be more desirable to potential customers.


I understand that, didnt have much money and just starting out. I have a second albino female possible het anery, so im just gonna save 2 males and female to start. Lets me have three breeding pairs and i can start producing albinos and hypos. Then either make enough or trade for patternless or something.
Again i already know thats years from now before i can breed my first set of babies, but its just a fun project to do while in college right now without throwing alot into it.

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If you don’t have much money, I really don’t suggest breeding, this costs a lot more than people think. I dropped almost $2k on vet bills alone this season because I had one female with issues and a male with terminal kidney cancer. I highly suggest doing a year or two of research and planning before you start anything, or you’re going to quickly find yourself in over your head.


I have money for stuff like that, i didnt want to put a couple grand just to buy the snake ontop of enclosure food and eveything. So got some for 200 to 300 instead. And i know breeding gets expensive. I work with my dad on boa projects every year for the last 5 years or so.


Just checking, some people come here for advice with no idea how much work it really is, so I like to be honest. That said, it’s truly worth it to invest the money into something higher end so that you’re not stuck with hatchlings you can’t move. The market right now isn’t exactly great for anything lower-end and with the current financial climate in the US, it’s going to stay that way.