Breeding roulette ball pythons

Figured this would be fun. I have this Pastel Black Head Calico Yellowbelly male. Im going the good kind of insane deciding what to pair him with in the future lol.

What would you pair him too?


I’m a sucker for freeways…something with Asphalt…but I’d have a hard time with identifying the babies if I were to add much more. Ooh, or Stranger might add a neat twist!

Since you don’t have a recessive gene in there, you could always consider breeding a visual recessive to him.

I do agree with Gina as well though. Breeding him with Asphalt or Gravel for the allelic combo with Yellowbelly can be a good idea.

There’s so many other genes you can consider adding in besides that. I wouldn’t know where else to start on that. Hahah