Breeding season

Hi y’all, just wanted to post a newer photo of Sunny since they’re becoming cloudy now LOL

Also wanted to share that I had a baby hatch yesterday! Absolute lovely little sweet boy or girl, I’ve got no GOOD quality photos YET but one thing is for sure… they’ve got a lot of growing to do just to grow into how big their tail is now. I swear they’re so small than they’ve just got this massive tail for them being freshly hatched.
Also went into the gecko room to check on Huginn (The hatchlings name) , as they started to shed right after getting them set up in their own tank, this morning to be greeted with a handful of licks has anyone had a hatchling act that chill less than 24 hours outside the egg?


Yes, but majority for me are not like that though. I kept my calm girl and I’ve got 3 from last year that were calm from get go. 1 got feisty later on :sweat_smile: I guess for some it’s a lot of effort to escape the egg and explore a whole new world, while others go crazy :rofl:

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I’d drink to that, my oldest male is super chill. My youngest… Well let’s just say I was cleaning out his offspring’s tank the other day and had an absolute chaotic experience trying to make sure Toes (his offspring) didn’t splat on the freaking floor. ;-;
What does my youngest male do? Comes out of the darker corners of his vivarium to stare at us like “Heh heheh you wanted this”

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OMG they all have such crazy different personalities :rofl:

As promised! Huginn photos
They freaked a bit with the misting and squeaked at my Boyfriend while he was trying to get them to go further into the fake plants :rofl: