Breeding snakes

Hi everyone I was thinking of getting into breeding my snakes and other reptiles any advice for a beginner? Thanks for all the help

Have hands on as a keeper

Know how genetics work

Know the basics on breeding

Ask yourself the right questions

Know the market, what is in demand what is saturated

Make wise investments

And work with what YOU like within those parameters


I’ll add:

Make sure you are prepared for the maximum possible number of babies from your pairing. This includes thinking about space, cost of care and supplies.

Make sure you have researched how to care for new babies of your chosen species. This includes having access to live baby rodents.

Make sure you have some vet money set aside in case Mom experiences a complication.



Or just in general. Or in the case that you’ve made some very grave mistakes and need to pay for euthanizing offspring. :sob:

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It’s also important to prepare yourself emotionally for the hard parts of breeding animals. For me, the hardest part is the occasion on which a hatchling doesn’t make it. Even the healthiest breeding stock will occasionally produce a deformed hatchling or non-viable runt. You might even have to face a hard decision when it comes to euthanasia. I’ve only had to face that kind of decision a couple of times in many years of breeding, but it is hard.

I’m not saying any of this to discourage you. Breeding snakes is an extremely rewarding experience. Just giving you some things to think about.


Feeders. Have a good steady food supply for all sizes.
Also never hurts to have additional caging/rack space

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And tons of water bowls. I have cases of water bowls in the closet. I use small ramekins that I bought in bulk from a restaurant supply wholesaler.

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