Breeding tub question

Do breeding tubs need a hot spot? I’m waiting on my first rack order with 70-size tubs and the current enclosures my adults are in aren’t really big enough for me to pair them up in. I have some large grey storage type tubs that would work but don’t have any extra heat tape around.

Any issues with starting my pairings in these larger tubs. I keep my ambient room temp at 78-80 deg and 50-60% humidity.


They will still need belly heat. Heat tape or uth with a thermostat.

Ok, thanks. I thought maybe they’d be fine for a few days during pairing and then go back to their regular tubs for feeding.

Racks still need a hot spot and even when pairing them up as well. The tubs will fit the Male and female just fine if they are breeder size

Right now my adults are in FB40 tubs and they’re already tight so I’ve ordered the 70’s. The racks are heated as usual, I just don’t have anything large enough on hand to pair them up in that has heat. I was hoping they’d be fine with my ambient room temp for a couple days while pairing but I’ll just wait until the new racks arrive.

Thanks all,

How big are they? They should be fine in an FB40 up to 2,500 grams or so.

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