Breitensteini Granite/marble?

Hello, dear friends. I’m confused about Marble and Granite Borneo Pythons (Breitensteini). Can you tell me the difference, s’il vous plaît?


I am sorry, I am very much a corn snake person. I have no knowledge of what you’re asking. Hopefully someone with species-specific knowledge will come along for you soon.


Thanks. I appreciate your time

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I’ve wondered about the difference between those myself. They look pretty similar to my admittedly untrained eye. They’re both really beautiful though.

Unfortunately I’m not sure if we have any Borneo experts who frequent this forum right now, so I’m not sure who to tag. I was going to suggest you check Morphpedia, but I just checked myself, and it looks like the only pages there for STPs are blood python morphs right now.

You could try asking on ColdBlooded. There seem to be a few STP enthusiasts who are active on there.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’m gonna ask them.