Bringing in different pattern morphs to my cornsnakes

Was just wondering what would need to be done to get tessera, motley etc. in to my corn snakes?

Tessera is dominant, so if you breed a tessera to any of your current snakes, you’ll be able to get tessera babies in the first generation. All the other pattern morphs are recessive, so if you bred them to your current snakes (assuming none of your snakes are het for whichever pattern you’re breeding for), none of the babies would visually show the trait, but would be het for it, so you’d need to hold back some of the babies to breed. So by the second generation, you could possibly have visual pattern morphs. What morphs do you own and what are you looking to create? Since most of the corn snake genes are recessive, make sure that any pattern morph snake you add to your collection is at least het for the morphs that you want to breed it to. Have you tried out a genetics calculator yet?


I’m new to breeding and was just curious as to what would be needed. I’ve currently got a normal male het amel het anery but I was told he was triple het, and a snow female, unsure on her hets. I will likely be breeding them in 2023 breeding season.

Personally… Start with what you have! If you have a male and female that’s of breeding size and age go for it. You could be surprised about what hidden genes they have (probably not patterns of course) and you get your feet wet in breeding to know if it’s something you actually want to do.