Bringing Native Reptiles Into Australia

This might be a bit of a stupid question, but bear with me. I have heard 1000 times how it is illegal to bring non native reptiles into Australia and how it is a long process to get a dog into Australia, but what are the policies on bringing something native, like a blue tongue or a carpet python? Would it technically be possible to bring your pet beardies for example to Australia if you were moving there? I am assuming the answer is no, and I would be surprised to find out you could, but thought it would still be interesting to ask even if the answer is no.


If Iā€™m not mistaken only zoos and scientific areas are allowed to import and even they have restrictions and limitations. Most people will just have to go apply for the appropriate license and buy a new reptile there.

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yes from what I understand some states are more strict than others but it sounds like even to go from one to the other requires paperwork and legal hoops to jump thru. I can understand why they are so strict though, being an isolated chunk of land their native flora and fauna are more at risk of invasive species than most. Especially after seeing some of the damage invasive species have already done.

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