Bringing Ts and mildly venomous creatures to Toronto

Ive been interested in owning a T or two for awhile now (my interest in getting a T actually started before my interest in getting a reptile did). Problem is under my city’s (Toronto Canada) local animal bylaw all venomous animals of any kind regardless of how mild the venom is including Ts are basically forbidden. I was thinking of starting a petition or something to try to get it changed so that as long as its not an animal possessing venom that poses a major threat to humans that it be ok to own one. As some reptiles Id like to have at some point may also posess a mild venom of sorts potentially I was wondering how to take a first step in the hope that I could make a difference. Im not trying to get anything that can pose a serious health threat to its keeper legalized just T’s maybe some scorpions and some reptiles that may have mild venom. Any advice on what I could/should do etc would be appreciated.

Did you find anything pertaining to this? I live nearby, in a city that also forbids any posionous or venomous animals (yet also specifically forbid certain species of scorpions, maybe as just redundancy because that family is the most venomous of all scorpions? Not sure.), and I’d like to own a scorpion myself.

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My goal is to create a petition to give to at least the municipal government to make the change. I doubt Ill succeed when it comes to the really vemomous stuff but stuff thats “mild” so to speak in Snakes Tarantulas and Scorpions are my main focus. Im guessing the Scorp fam your referring to are the Buthidae fam which includes among others the deathstalker and arizona bark scorps. I dont think Ill be able to get those legalized unfortunately. But at the moment I think its best to wait for all this Covid19 stuff to blow over before creating the petition. I had no idea Tarantulas and venomous in general were forbidden in Toronto until I attended a small expo and Tarantula Canada told me. Apparently in the nearby city of Mississauga some stuff is legal but not sure what exactly. What city are you in and maybe I can advise you on what can be done.