Brumation and Breeding Leopard Geckos

Hello, this is my first year of breeding. I would like to brumate my leos, Any tips???

To be honest, I’ve never done that. Though it might have some effect, leos are pretty easy to breed without brumation.


I agree with @mblaney. I have never had to.

I have never brumated my Leos as @mblaney said as well. All I know is that my Leos just like to breed the most in August. I think I might try it in the future and see the effects.

@geckokingdom it’s funny you say August. I read in February is the best time to start breeding and I just inquired on a female and they said her ovulation should be starting in December. @godzillao4 brings up brumateing. “On YouTube” Someone stopped feeding and got them empty and lowered the temps for a few weeks. After raising temps They introduced the males and it’s something they do. I’m looking at having a clutch and looking into anything helpful. This could be helpful to get everyone going, if it’s safe. It makes sense that a Stud might naturally run on an empty stomach and not have time for digestion in the wild. I have no idea, people are doing it though.

Like the other Leopard Gecko breeders who have posted, I never brumated my breeder animals and they produced at what I would consider max capacity.

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That seems to be the consensus here,. But there seems to be a lot of information on it out there. Expierenced breeders utilize it and some don’t. Whether it’s beneficial or even necessary for the captive bred leopards I’ve yet to determine.