Brumation and Breeding - Leopard Geckos

So to start out…

In the middle of October I started decreasing hours of heat and temperature in my breeder leopard geckos. This is the first time I have intentionally tried to slow them down and guide them into brumation. I did my research and plenty of it using sites I trust. I took them off food weeks before to prevent undigested food from rotting while they were “sleeping”. By the beginning of November they were down to about 66 degrees and I put them in the area I prepped. They’ve been there for almost a month. When I bring them back out I will slowly bring the temp back up and essentially just reverse the process. I wrote all of this to give you an idea of what I did so that you could maybe answer my next question a little easier.

Everywhere I look for this information, it will explain brumation with a decent amount of detail EXCEPT for when to breed them afterward. I’m asking how many weeks should I wait after bringing them out of brumation to pair them up. I’ve bred them before but never out of a real brumation. Do I have to wait for them to lay a clutch? Please help me figure this out.

I can’t give you a direct answer as to leopard geckos as I’ve never had them breed before, however I know bearded dragons are normally good to go around 1-2 weeks after after coming out of brumation.

Also I’m just double checking, your gecko is in its second year of life right?
Just like nearly all animals, breeding too early can cause problems either instantly or over time.

So basically with leopard geckos you need to wait until the female is “ovulating” (it’s not actual ovulation, what you’re seeing are the follicles building but everyone in the leo hobby calls it ovulation…) before introducing them. If the female is not ovulating she will usually reject the male and they can be fairly aggressive when doing so. Leopard geckos don’t need to brumate, it’s really just for the convenience of syncing up the ovulations so you have a more set schedule of when eggs are being laid. I’ve never cooled my leos but I would guess they’d start ovulating within a month after warming them up. I’d just check your females once a week for signs of follicle growth, which is what I do w/o brumating once January rolls around each year. Let me know if you have any questions about breeding them in general :+1:


Thank you very much.
Ya I’ve never had them brumate before but I’m starting to get serious with my breeding projects and I wanted to sync the females up as much as I could. Once again, thank you!