Brumation issue

I have been brumating in 2 seperate wine coolers set at 55* and i am getting condensation to the point that the paper towels i’m using for the snakes to lay on are getting soaked every few days. I do have water dishes in each of their tubs, and wondering if maybe that is the issue since it’s happening in both coolers. Laying on wet paper towels can’t be good for them. Should i remove the water dishes and just offer water once a week for a few hours, or would it help to raise the temp a few degrees. I live in Florida and the room temperature the coolers are sitting in stays 78 to 80 degrees.

That could be a serious issue leading to respiratory infections. The low brumation temps and high humidity combine to create problems. I try to keep my mountain kingsnakes relatively dry during brumation.

Is there are way you can install a small CPU fan directed outward to remove some of the humid air? Your temps are probably fine (depending on the species), but I would worry about getting that condensation problem under control.

Removing the water dish probably won’t solve the issue because you shouldn’t have a lot of evaporation at 55*.

Water vapor doesn’t just appear, so while the fan may help it is important to locate the source. Is the wine cooler condensing already humid room air? Is there wet substrate? Is there a dripping condenser? Those would be my best guesses without seeing your setup.

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