Brumation Questions

Hello everyone again!!

I have a couple questions about brumation as a new snake owner

Norman’s been doing okay for all I know. He ate the once and then has now gone off food again. It’s colder here in Louisiana now that it’s mid November so I’m wondering if he’s just brumating?

He’s not been as active in his tank like he normally is, and at one point I was worried he had escaped his tank, So we dug around and scared both me and my mom and Norman :sob: he was pretty deep in his substrate so I’m wondering if it’s just cold and he’s brumating now that it’s November

His heat is the same as always like around 87-88F in his basking spot and like mid 70s on the cool side. Should I be worried or just let him be?

He’s also from last weigh in like tiny. Only aboht 20ish (probs more now that he’s eaten something) grams at one year old, should that be worrying too??

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Your temp may be a little too low on the hot side. I keep my hot side around 90%……:blush:

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I had them at like 91 or so but I think I read somewhere to keep it on the low side of 90s and turned it down to like 88, but I’m thinking now that it’s colder in my room that I’ll up the heat a little more to keep them a little hotter for him if that makes sense.

My temperature gauge gets off by like 2 degrees sometimes so I turned it down to be sure that it wasn’t tooo hot

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Ok. I think even a degree or two can make a difference because from what you’ve described it sounds like he might be trying to brumate…… :thinking: