Bulk Import 2.0

If you are a seller with more than a few ads, you should consider using the Bulk Import feature rather than managing ads individually. To import, upload a Price List and to MorphMarket which can create or update hundreds of ads in seconds. This is the approach used by hundreds of the biggest sellers on MorphMarket.

MorphMarket is excited to announce Import 2.0 which improves on the original format in several ways. For example:

  • It adds support for almost every field on an ad page – including animal description
  • It accepts a list of animal traits to override the traits automatically extracted from the ad title
  • It allows you to manage multiple species at once

Import 1.0 will eventually be phased out, but we will continue to support it for at least the next few months. Read more about Importing in general and Import 2 specifically in the Seller’s Guide.


Heyo, @lumpy I’m really excited about this feature, and I’m integrating it with my new website so that I can create, update and manage my listings on my own site, and have it sync to MorphMarket automatically via import 2.0 as a json object.

Is anyone else doing this? Does anyone else have a client for syncing with MorphMarket like this using json at a web endpoint, rather than manually uploading .csv or .tsv files? Mr. John L mentioned to there’s a way to set a web endpoint for syncing our ads, is it in the video? I’m more of a learn-by-reading-the-docs/spec person.

I’d love to get a community of MM third-party developers talking about this stuff and working to make cool new integrations with MorphMarket.

cough cough consider building a public API cough cough

Definitely interested in the experience of any other developers working with this feature. The schema documentation at https://www.morphmarket.com/help/selling-guide/#import2 under “full list of the supported fields” looks pretty complete, and not too huge to manage.

I’m going to start working on a client for this, probably today.

Just to confirm the json format should look something like this, based on the format of the sample import .tsv google doc right?

    "Category": "ball python",
    "Title": "Firefly Ball Python",
    "Maturity": "adult",
    "Price": "1500",
    "Serial": "MM-100",
    "Quantity": "1",
    "Sex": "male",
    "Dob": "02-28-2008",
    "Weight": "150",
    "Length": "1.2",
    "Length_Type": "total_length_m",
    "Traits": "pastel pinstripe clown",
    "Clutch": "2015-9",
    "Photo_Urls": "https://example.com/some-test-photo.png",
    "Video_Url": "https://youtube.com/watch?v=1234",
    "Proven_Breeder": "yes",
    "Desc": "Fantastic eater and very docile.",
    "Is_Group": "TRUE",
    "Availability": "available",
    "Origin": "domestically produced",
    "Prey_State": "live",
    "Prey_Food": "rat",
    "Min_Shipping": "50",
    "Max_Shipping": "100",
    "Is_Rep_Photo": "FALSE",
    "Is_Negotiable": "TRUE",
    "Is_For_Trade": "TRUE"
    "Category": "",
    "Title": "",
    "Maturity": "",
    "Price": "",
    "Serial": "",
    "Quantity": "",
    "Sex": "",
    "Dob": "",
    "Weight": "",
    "Length": "",
    "Length_Type": "",
    "Traits": "",
    "Clutch": "",
    "Photo_Urls": "",
    "Video_Url": "",
    "Proven_Breeder": "",
    "Desc": "",
    "Is_Group": "",
    "Availability": "",
    "Origin": "",
    "Prey_State": "",
    "Prey_Food": "",
    "Min_Shipping": "",
    "Max_Shipping": "",
    "Is_Rep_Photo": "",
    "Is_Negotiable": "",
    "Is_For_Trade": ""

I think it would be great if MorphMarket would ingest/sync my listings daily from an endpoint I could define in my seller profile…I heard a rumor about something like that.

I have questions. If I pass number values rather than string values to object attributes like Price and Min_Shipping - as in 1500 rather than "1500" will it handle the type coercion correctly? Do I strictly have to cast everything to strings or is this json object handled in a loosely typed way during processing? Like, price is listed as a text field in the specification in the Seller Guide, so people can use the value "inquire" as a price. But if I pass it a straight up number value, in the javascript sense, will it handle it gracefully or throw an error?

Thanks so much!

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The automatic sync (where MM visits your site and automatically imports) is coming in the next few months. Thus it’s not documented yet.

There are a few other users who are using import 2.0 already, but not as many as I’d like. There are hundreds of users still using 1.0.

Can we do multiple category imports via web import?

Yes, that’s what the Category field is for. Import 1 didn’t have a category field, thus it required multiple imports. The Category dropdown on the import page is ignored in lieu of this data field.

Regarding Type Coercion, I believe it should just work either way. The string vs number type description is more about semantics than actual syntax, if that makes sense. It’s a good question and not one I thought about since the docs are aimed at TSV/CSV which is what most are probably using.


Thanks @john! I’d love to beta test that automatic sync feature for you, but I can wait for it to go public, too. I’ll try uploading some json files to the importer and see what I can break.

I just signed up as a basic monthly member, but I’ll be going annual at some higher level as soon as my clutches start to hatch.