Bull snake cage size?

I’ve been researching cage size for bull snakes and the consensus seems to be 4x2x2 as a good size for an adult. I was planning on building my own enclosures but I saw today that Animal Plastics has 4x2x1 cages on sale.

For anyone that has kept, or is keeping, a bull snake, did your snake utilize the extra height in it’s cage? Everything I’ve read says they are primarily terrestrial and spend a good amount of time in animal burrows or burrowing themselves in loose soil. So it would seem a 12” tall enclosure would be sufficient. Just wanted to get the opinion of folks that have kept them before.


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They’ll spend their time on the ground, you’re better off, offering deep substrate to burrow in than branches in height to climb.

Some pituophis don’t do well when they can see you outside their cage. Others don’t mind at all. I have a big Northern Pine that has to be above my eye level to be chill in a glass front cage, but is totally relaxed when kept in a tub. Plan some kind of a curtain for the front just in case. When they aren’t happy they’ll strike the glass a lot and/or rub their nose down to the bone.


Thanks. I had a Pine Snake many years ago and he was very chill. He was not a climber either. I had planned on offering deep substrate for the burrowing. My boa is a burrower also but she is usually climbing when she isn’t burrowed.