Bullsnakes Traits - Category Upgrade [DONE] [1154]

In preparation to promote Bullsnake to a top level category, we need to build a trait list for the genes and combos.


  • kankakee
  • yellow bull
  • highway 277
  • spring green
  • red lodge mt
  • dwarf bull
  • newton county
  • boulder county
  • anoka county
  • mcmullen county
  • sandland park
  • cass county
  • texas
  • canada
  • montana
  • eddy county
  • oklahoma
  • christine county
  • el paso
  • south dakota
  • russell sounty



  • Albino (Trumbower) / Abilene TX line / Non Compatible
  • Albino (Kaufman) / Amarillo TX line / Non Compatible
  • Albino (Forks) / Non Compatible


  • Axanthic (Miami) / Silver bulls / Non Compatible
  • Axanthic (Omaha) / Gary Ballum line / Non Compatible


  • Xanthic (Envy)


  • White-sided (Trumbower) / Compatible
  • White-sided (Ballum) / Compatible


  • Hypo (Stillwater) / Non Compatible

  • Hypo (Trumbower) / Non Compatible

  • Patternless / Omaha Speckled Bull /

  • Granite

Polygenic/Line Bred


  • Erythristic (Kingsville)

  • Erythristic (Crumbly)

  • Erythristic (Amarillo)

  • Tiger

  • Zipper

Combos - questionable use.

Albino Axanthic (Omaha) - (Snow (Omaha))
Albino Axanthic (Miami) - (Snow (Miami))
Hypo Whitesided - (Ghost)
Axanthic (Omaha) Hypo - (True Ghost (Omaha))
Axanthic (Miami) Hypo - (True Ghost (Miami))
Patternless hypo Whitesided - (Patternless Ghost)
Patternless Albino Whitesided - (Blizzard)
Hypo Albino - (Hybino)
Hypo Albino - (Lemon Drop)
Hypo albino Patternless - (Sunglow)
Hypo Albino Axanthic - (Moonglow)
Hypo Albino Axanthic - (Ice)
Axanthic (Omaha) Hypo Patternless - (Pewter (Omaha))
Axanthic (Miami) Hypo Patternless - (Pewter (Miami))
Hypo (Iowa) Whitesided - (Ivory (Iowa))
Hypo (Stillwater) Whitesided - (Ivory (SW))
Red Whitesided - (Sunrise)
Kingsville Red Trumbower Hypo - (Fire Bull)
Kingsville Red Stillwater Hypo - (Flame Bull)
Red Albino Stillwater - (Crumble)
Miami and Omaha (Double Anery)
Trumbower and Stillwater (Double Hypo)

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I got a combo for you to add

Axanthic Hypo (True Ghost)

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Another combo

Kingsville Red Stillwater (Fire Bull)


Is Kingsville a line of Red or is that the actual name for Red?

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It’s a locality from Texas that has been line bred to make super red bullsnakes.


We also need to define what trait does what to head, body & tail.

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I wonder if this would be the same as a Crumble?

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Welcome Fairy

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It very well could be

@garciademueller @t_h_wyman any feedback here is appreciated

I know a couple folks that can likely help out. I will ping them this evening


Isnt an albino/whiteside a snow?

Lemon Drops

Lets gets this goin folks, the sooner we get the info the sooner we can get all this corrected and all headed in the right direction!

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You seem to be right. At least by a 2010 list by Dav Kaufman here. Nice catch!

What are these ones?

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For Pits I dont think folks stayed in their lane when breeding and naming morphs?

Lemon Drops to my knowledge is a stillwater hypo albino that has been line bred for a high yellow w/ a very low pattern.

Lemon drop example:

Photo from: John Skager

Crumbly/crumbles same as above, line bred for a bright red and I believe that they are from the Trumbower line.

Photo John Skager

As for the Flames dbl het line bred red

Photo John Skager

There is also Hannum Hypos that are From the Stillwater line and they have blue saddles when they are born and the real nice ones keep the bluish grey saddles. John Hannum has been working on this to try and figure out what exactly he has (I think he has been at it for over 5yrs.) This was a complete surprise, as they were purchased from Envy Reptiles (Jason), grown up, bred and thats what came out and no one really knows how or why? (Main reason is, not keeping good records of whats what and whom you put with whom?)

Here are a few pics to help see what I talking about.

Close photo John Hannum

Just look at this male high blue saddles:

Photo John Hannum

There is another version of this morph, however there only happens to be one of them currently for the last few years. The other morph version is the same except you would replace the bright orange for a bright yellow. I have only seen a picture of it once and Jason from Envy had produced it once again but did not realize what he had until it was too late. He ended up having to buy back some of his hatchlings and has yet been able to reproduce said morph. Jason calls his yellow version digitized because thats what it reminds him of. Hopefully some day we will have an opportunity to own such animal.

Hopefully some others chime in…
PS thanks for working on this!!


Not terribly on topic, but what’s the reasoning behind not promoting gophersnakes too, given they are the same species as bull snakes?


Thank you for helping so much!

We are working in order of popularity in terms of listings, but we plan to cover as many species as possible eventually :grinning:

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After making my last post on here, I thought I would try and find out all I could find out about Envy’s (Jason) digitized pit. It turns out I was mistaken on its linage, this particular animal is from the Trumbower Hypo line and not Stillwater Hypo I originally thought. Jason was breeding in one of his red lines and this is another morph that Jason had to buy back his own stock because they didnt start showing these colors until a few sheds in. I also managed to find this pic. She is an absolute stunner! You can just see her blue/grey saddles and bright yellow back ground!!

Photo Jason (Envy)


@mylife Thank you so much for your help with this!!

I have a few questions:

So a line bred Red + Albino + Stillwater Hypo?

I’m confused on your wording of this one.
What is it double het for, and I take it whatever it is is allelic?

For the crumbles in my original post I had stated they were Stillwater but I think John told me Trumbower.

The red + albino + SW hypo is what started the project. Then line bred.
I am not sure how much I am or can be but I will do what I can to help the section of the hobby as it desperately needs!! And Thank You for all your help and what you do on here!!

Anyway line bred would be to take the best looking, best pattern, brightest color, etc. and breed together to make even better looking, better pattern, brighter color, etc. So what I was saying is they are most likely dbl, triple or even quad hets pending how many times bred etc.

PS: I have been in touch with John Hannum and have asked if would give his input on his Hannum Hypos. He said he would try. I sent him a link to this category.

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Will also need to add both Tiger and Zipper since these are becoming more common. Tiger is a recessive trait. I can’t speak for Zipper but my understanding is it is more of a line bred trait. As for some of the combo names, it seems they change depending on who you ask. Could be difficult to pin down exactly what the combo consists of, especially with snows or blizzards.

From my personal understanding,

Ivory= hypo Whiteside (either hypo line)
Snow= axanthic albino
Ice= hypo snow

I’ve heard blizzard go multiple ways of being

Hypo snow whiteside
hypo snow whiteside patternless
Hypo snow patternless

The difficult thing is when you have a white snake its hard to tell exactly what’s involved unless the genetics are guaranteed. I believe the blizzard is supposed to be all 5 genes though. Hypo Snow Whiteside patternless.

I think it would be best to get Jason Nelson at Envy reptiles involved and get his input on all of it for the combo titles. Otherwise it may be best to just keep it at the basic morph names instead of using combo names.