Bumblebee or calibee?

So I just hatched out these two and they’ve had their first sheds.
Pairing was pastel calico x calico spider.
I had been hoping to double up my chance of producing calicos, but these two appear to be bumblebees.
I was fine with that, but I keep getting people asking about my calibees. Am I wrong in thinking these don’t have calico?
I thought I’d see more distortion or reduction in the pattern and blushing of the black towards the belly.
I really tried to get helpful photos, but the lighting wasn’t cooperating and neither were the babies.

Hatchling 1:

Hatchling 2:


I think the second is simply a bumblebee, (but a very nice one) the first might just have calico in them. The color looks like it’s been really high up.
Like its only on thier back.
Spiders can have high white sides but those completely blanked out.
Maybe give them another shed before you make a final call?
Congrats on both those little cuties.


I completely agree😃. The first looks like it has calico and the second looks like a really nice bumblebee

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