Bump on nose between nostrils

Hi I just received a super fire female and she came in with a bump on her nose . Any one knows what it may be ?


Likely rubbing up the sides of the enclosure, which can be from stress or maybe something husbandry wise going wrong…

What is your set up like?


I have 5540 ARS racks . Idk the previous owner though. I just got her today. However how dangerous can this be? Can it kill her? And is there a way to drain it ?

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Do NOT try to drain anything without a vet visit first. You will likely make whatever is wrong far worse, and do serious damage in the process. It might just be swelling from a bad nose rub, or it could be an abscess from a bad rub. There is no telling without an experienced herp vet visit.


Unicorn horn growing in.


As noted above, the likely candidate is nose rub. However, another possibility is a stressed animal that strikes the front of a tub/cage whenever it sees something pass by.

It looks like you are using opaque tubs so I would just monitor for the time being and see if it goes down on its own. If it gets worse then I would recommend a vet visit