Bump on tail?

Hello… Got this guy a week ago. Got a great deal on him. Anyway, I have not handled him too much. I was looking closely at him just now and noticed a bump on his tail and some discoloration under his jaw. I don’t think either is an issue. Do you guys have any thoughts? Maybe the bump was caused by a stuck tail shed? Also noticed he may have some slight scarring from what I’ve heard people call scale rot? No biggies. He is in good care now. I suspect previous owner did not have a lot of experience, which led him to me.

The jaw discoloration is pretty typical for pied, the minor bump is most likely a small kink towards the tail (I have hatched some like this before) but it can also be the result of an injury (tail stuck when closing the enclosure or something similar)

Cyst and abscess are also a possibility but I would say less likely based on the picture.


Thanks for the response. I don’t think any are issues and we all love Apollo here.

Do you all think that tail bump is genetic?

I’m not an expert, but I think you should try feeling the bump to see if you can tell if it’s a kink or past stuck shed issues! You might be able to feel vertebrae if it’s a kink. I don’t know about genetic passing, though there is always the possibility of a kink happening from incubator inconsistencies/issues. Could just be that!