Burmese python enclosures

This question is for all the Burm keepers/breeders… what are your guys/gals favorite enclosures to use brand, size, belly heat, over head heat,?

Also do you gradually upgrade the enclosure as they grow or do you get more of a one and done size?


First, welcome to the forum.

When I kept burms, (circa early 90s through the early 2000s) the majority of that time was without the benefit of online communities, so the majority of keeping setups for myself and my friends were aquariums, modified furniture and self built enclosures. Most of what I used were wooden standard rectangular enclosures with light fixtures for heat. (Didn’t even know you could get heat tape, panels etc)

Now, in this day and age, if I end up getting burms again I’d start out using a rack until they were sized up a bit at which point I’d likely keep them in vision 632 enclosures and use radiant heat panels. (With a short stint kept in an ap t8 between racks to 632)

With all that said, one of my friends keeps retics and he builds 8’ pvc enclosures to house them and that is an excellent option as well.


What a pretty Burmese! I will never have one that large but with my CAs and BRB I started with small tubs and then went from there. I let the enclosure grow with the snake.

Welcome to the family! Hope you stick around!!! :frog::snake::lizard::heart::blush::wink::sunglasses:


My boy of 3 y.o. is in a self build 8x3x2. He has a big water tub, a hot hide with belly heat and a hotspot with a deep heat projector. He also has a big climbing branch.