Burmese Python Love

First post for the love of Burmese! Gentle giants and colorful beauty!
Can’t wait for the eggs in the incubator to hatch in a little over a month!
Here’s a few of our Burmese- let’s see yours!


Gorgeous snakes! Burms are by far my favorite of the giants.


The Hypo Granites are my favorite. Hoping to make some Hypo Green Granites next year with this girl


Those are some beautiful burms! Maybe one day…


Love Burmese, don’t actually have any myself but would definitely be something in the future

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Those are beautiful! I only have one and he is still tiny! But love him!


Bob Clark hatched some pied Burms and listed them on Facebook a few days ago. They’re really gorgeous. I’m not set up for big snakes right now, but I hope to own one someday. Goals.

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Here’s an old photo of me and my college roommate, Delilah. She was a special animal and I’m so glad I knew her. The labyrinth gene will always be special to me. I’ve been out of the loop for over a decade, but I like the caramel stuff I’m seeing these days as well.





Burms are very special. Just bought a hypo labyrinth and i would like to get a male green, does anyone know of good burm breeders in europe, not including the uk.
Many thanks

Outside of the UK there only seems to be one Burmese Python breeder in Europe.


That will help you find them.

Though, depending on where you live, your best bet might be to take a trip to the states and purchase one.

Late to reply but this gal is super nice!

Now even a later reaction. I don’t know where you live in Europe, but if you get the chance to go to the Hamm expo, I advise to go there. Breeders from all over Europe go there. I’ve been there now several times and almost always there are at least some breeders there who sell burms.