Burmese python

Just saw this Burm on social media. What morph is this? I thought it was a cow retic at first. It’s from joshhatton16 from The Australian Zoo.


Is this possibly a cow retic and the zoo is just mistaken? Doubtful…I think a zoo would recognize the difference. I also wouldn’t think that a cow retic would be at a zoo considering it’s a newish morph.

that is a burn i think

It’s a Burmese that Australia zoo have had for a long time, certainly over 10 years ago, possibly even 20. I didn’t even know it was still alive now. I don’t think the zoo ever bred it and they probably wouldn’t have any interest in proving out the morph the same way a commercial or hobbyist breeder would.

Here’s a video with the Irwin family on a news/daytime talk show segment with the snake in question.