Business Name Opinions

A few days ago I introduced my family and talked a bit about our business plans. After weeks of debate I think we came down on a name and since people on this forum are our target market I wanted to solicit input for everyone. So…

What does everyone think about Slithering Hearts?

I might as well talk about our mission. We want to focused on animals that we feel are under bred in the community. The start of this will be out Australian Water Dragon breeding program. As time goes on there are a few species I have my eye on. Blue Beauty sub-species of Cuban Anoles, Miller’s and Parson’s Chameleons and eventually, my dream spruce, Fly River Turtles. I’m also looking at true Super Dwarf Retics. For now it will be the AWDs and I’m adding Hognoses. I figure If I’m going to focus on less common animals I need something proven if I want to get past the hobbit stage.

I look forward to feedback on the name and anything else you might think.


I like the name!
For me…The only issue I think is if you decide to focus more on the lizard or turtle side of things, mentally I associate the name more with snakes. You may need to design a logo and incorporate a lizard design as a visual aid.

I assume you did some footwork to see if that name was being or not beforehand. As long as that’s the case, the important thing is that it does feel right for you!


I did. I snachted up .com and .net last night. And it’s open here as well. I was surprised it was available.

I decently hear you about the lizard part and will incorporate one in our logo. Probably an AWD. I think that should make up for any confusion.


Hey @bradburyesqu Yep that’s a great idea :bulb: for a name especially if you incorporate a lizardy logo! Or you can combine slither and lizard to make “Slizarding :two_hearts: hearts!:joy::face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl::joy::rofl:. Just kidding

Oh and I saw you mention looking into “pure retics” above? And who brought up that idea/suggestion? You’re welcome! lol!!! I know! Hush up Caron! :shushing_face::zipper_mouth_face:


Hahaha. I researched them that night and they are really cool.

I was going to credit you, but I don’t end to remember avatars and not names. I could have looked it up, but I’m lazy. :sweat_smile:


Hey @bradburyesqu I’m an old lady so I can get away with little jabs once in a while!

All kidding aside, you are a breath of fresh air with your exciting but well thought out plans and I am so happy :grinning: you are here!

You will get so much help here as well as encouragement! I’m excited for you @bradburyesqu!!! :+1::pray::blush::grinning:


Thank you. I appreciate that.


I really like the name! I agree that it invokes the image of snakes more than lizards, but definitely including a lizard in the logo would remedy that.


This is an excellent point. I started Ball Or Nothing Pythons with the intention to keep other snakes but only breed ball pythons. By next season Ball Pythons will be a back burner species for me. The problem is, I’m more or less stuck with the branding because the entire community that knows me, knows me as Ball Or Nothing after 10 years of social media and doing shows.