Butter combo ideas?

I have a female butter clown and have no idea what to breed her with. I originally had a banana clown male for her but long story short he had issues I did not know about and is now a pet only snake (we still love him). I thought the BEL complex could be cool but I also really like the banana and I love clowns. I thought maybe both and thought about a banana mojave pastel clown. Could be cool, then I don’t really know if I want to go too heavy on the BEL complex but at the same time I love mojave and would love to pair a mojave male with some future females. Any other banana or butter combos for this girl???

Edit: I am also looking at a banana enchilada blade clown. Thought that would be a cool combo with butter or even just by itself. Is that a solid male for future breeding too?

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