Butter steling x spinner blast post-shed pics - input please!

So we’ve got our first set of post-shed pics for our butter sterling x spinner blast clutch. We’d love ID input! I’ll put our best guesses so far :slight_smile:



#1 full moon? (Butter cinny spider super pastel)

#2 killer spinner, but not sure if there’s butter or cinny in there. She’s a little more pink in person.

#3 sterling

#4 lemon blast

#5 sterling bee

Full clutch:


I do not think the first one has spider. I think it’s a butter sterling. The second one looks like a sterling queenspin. I agree with all the others.


what genes are in the parents? Im not super good at the nick names


Dad is butter cinnamon super pastel. Mom is spider pinstripe pastel. :smile:

is it the cinnamon that makes the sterling silver looking snakes?

Thanks for the input! On the first one, I didn’t think it was butter sterling because that is what the father is, and he doesn’t look quite like that - but maybe he’ll yellow up more as he ages. I had looked somewhere and saw pictures of full moons that seemed similar, but I agree that I don’t visually see spider either on it.

The 2nd one is the trickiest for me! Really appreciate your thoughts on it.

Yeah, I think it’s mostly the cinny doing the silver coloring, but this is our first time breeding cinnamon, so maybe those more experienced can chime in on that!

  1. Sterling butter
  2. Super pastel Cinnamon Lesser Spider pinstripe
  3. pewter butter ( lithium pastel)
  4. Lemon blast
    5 sterling bee.

Thanks for taking the time to help!! Appreciate it :slight_smile:

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