Butter vs Butter Fire

Thought I’d share this here in case it might help someone with an ID in the future. This is an example of butter (left) and butter fire (right) hatchlings from the same clutch.

The difference will become more pronounced with age, but as hatchlings they look pretty similar until you put them side by side. But the butter fire is a little brighter. The head is lighter colored and shows a subtle headstamp.


Absolutely beautiful snakes! Can never go wrong with butter/lesser!

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Yup! I love my lesser fire girl she’s probably become my favorite out of my snakes so far.

I think I’m just stupid.

The lighter snake for me is the one of the right, but that’s the butter? >.<

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Nope, you’re right, I labelled them wrong! Thanks for catching that.

Yeah was gonna say :joy: butter right ,fire left

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