Buy Button that redirects to your own online store

I’d be willing to pay for a monthly subscription service for a buy box that redirects to the animal’s listing in my Shopify store. I’d be willing to go between $10-$20 a month for that. Morph Market has good SEO rankings so I think I would see conversion. I feel like I am getting a lot of bot responses to my current morph market listings. A “Buy It Now” button would make transactions much simpler.

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I’m not sure if I am getting this the right way round…

You would like to have a button on your Shopify store that sends potential buyers from there to individual listings on your Morphmarket store?

I’m not sure on how Shopify works payment wise and whether they allow you to take business from there own site to another platform.

Though this may be what you are after… Advertising Your Store

Please could you send links to the accounts of these “bot inquiries” you are receiving to the support team using the “My question is not listed” button here → Problems with Ads or Other Users.

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No, I want a buy button on MorphMarket , that links to my Shopify store so when a buyer wants to buy on my MM listings, they click “Buy Now”, and they go to my secure site and complete checkout.

Today I’m noticing that I’m having my website link removed in my description where I’m telling potential buyers where and how to purchase. I can put the website in my policies and profile, but not my description. It would be far more attractive to me to consider paying for something that drives traffic directly to my sales platform.

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Ah right, i’m not sure that this is going to be a thing. This would in turn direct traffic away from MorphMarket , which goes against the point of the site… MorphMarket is much more than a simple directory.

these were removed as its against MorphMarket rules :wink:

  • 3.9. - The ad’s fields, including descriptions, photos, and store info, may not contain links to any other websites. It may also not include direct contact information (see Communication section).

It’s a directory. It has no commerce capabilities.
The buyer still has to go somewhere else to complete payment for the animal.

I pay Shopify and then pay Google to drive traffic to my website with Google Ads. I know MorphMarket has a paid option but all I can do is list more but not drive traffic to my website where the animal is for sale.

Either a buy button to complete checkout on sellers’ sites or MM goes real big and becomes an actual marketplace where buyers can checkout and sellers can print labels directly from MM.

Given how the animal industry is though it would be far less risk to MM to send buyers to sellers own sites. Even not paying, I’m still helping with MM’s SEO by adding content when I list along with the 1000 others that give MM a huge SEO boost each day.

Yes sir! :sunglasses:


I’m curious what payment service you use and if it covers live animal sales specifically. If it doesn’t, then it’s no more secure than the way money changes hands now. Every credit card dispute I’ve heard of ends the same way PayPal disputes do. The buyer gets the money and the animal.

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The issues I see people having are with PayPal when they sell animals and take payments via friends and family which is against PayPal TOS. A few transactions sneak through but a lot don’t.

Pet stores don’t have issues with their processors. Pangea sells on Shopify like I do and they don’t have issues. Think about every other major online retailer that sells animals. Shopify gives me the same benefits as them as the second largest e-commerce platform only to Amazon.

To answer your question my processor is Stripe. I also accept PayPal, Apple Pay, FB Pay, Google Pay, and V Pay. I also have started taking Shop Payments to allow customers to purchase in payment installments.

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Not for too long, we plan on adding on site payment methods extremely soon.

… I’d say we’re going much bigger than this :wink:

MorphMarket doesn’t run ads, so it is beneficial to sellers that MorphMarket gains higher search rankings.


MM has ran ads before, I’ve seen them from time to time. Maybe not now, and probably not as necessary now. Everyone posting ads daily are essentially content writers giving MM relevant and regulay updated content. That’s the value I see in MM is that it ranks very high on most reptile related keywords with Google. The downside is they aren’t exclusive leads versus driving your own paid and organic search traffic to your own site.

To me if MM became an actual market place and accepted payments for sellers and allowed sellers to print discounted labels that would be very big. An Amazon for reptiles. MM could moderate sellers and issue limits/suspensions for poor performing sellers that don’t meet customer expectations. The closest thing I’ve seen to that was Reptile Auctions in the early 2000s that tried to mimic eBay. It really missed the mark with regulating the less than ethical sellers that plague our industry. MM could even charge monthly seller subscription fees as well as collecting a percentage of sales.

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Let’s hype it up :crazy_face: because MorphMarket is the best!


MM has never run advertising from non sellers on morphmarket I don’t believe. Nothing along the lines of AdSense especially.

I’m unsure of what you mean by this?
MorphMarkets not a courier service, and don’t handle the pricing of shipping. You can however find discount codes for shipping on the “How to Ship Live Reptiles” guide… one of the easter eggs of taking your time to read the docs that 100s of hours of work go into :wink:

We already do this…

And this…

And we also have an events calendar

An education hub on traits/morphs/localities…etc

A community base where we take feedback from every member of the whole reptile community (this place).

Were much much more than a YellowPages of breeders, think of it as online software.


I’m gonna give you the :+1: and :v:out from this thread. MorphMarket is great and I would use it more if it had more e-commerce features. I think you’re a passionate employee but definitely not a fellow e-comm retailer that understands what I’m communicating.


As someone who has both bought and sold animals, connecting with a breeder by sending them a message about an individual animal rather than a simple “buy now” button is a perk, not a detriment. Buying a living breathing animal should require some extra steps. It allows the buyer to learn more about not only the animal in question, but the breeder, their practices and business style, and allows the seller to get a sense of who they are selling an animal to. Forming connections to other breeders is such a core part of this hobby that taking it away would truly be a disservice to many.


I agree with @chesterhf — to me it feels like adding just a “buy now” button and insisting on this “e-commerce” platform, instead of going through the inquiry process (that allows buyers and sellers to communicate and ask questions on a more personal level, which is something I love about MorphMarket ) gives an implication the animals are just items to be sold, rather than living, breathing creatures.

The way I’d go about it is allow people to make inquiries so they can ask any questions they may have, and if they’re seriously interested then provide a link to the listing on your website for them to make the purchase.

That’s just me though. I could see adding a “buy now” feature like that for merch like stickers and t-shirts, but not animals themselves. Defeats the purpose of how MorphMarket is currently set up otherwise.


I’m also in complete agreement with @chesterhf. I’m neither buying nor selling widgets nor gadgets. My animals are the product of years of good husbandry and very intentional breedings. Each individual matters very much to me, and I want any I sell to go where they’ll be well cared for. Frankly, I would be very hesitant to accept a “Buy Now” offer unless I already knew the prospective buyer. Same for any purchases I make. I can’t imagine adding an animal to my collection without any communication from the seller apart from an ad and a receipt. MorphMarket is so much more than a sales platform, and I’m glad.