Buyers and sellers. Supply and demand

Wondering why your “breeder” Males aren’t selling? Maybe if everyone pulled them off and re-listed them as a package deal with a female breeder or even one around 8-1000 grams you might lighten your load. What people aren’t doing is buying over priced ,under weight , clearly non breeder females.

Everyone is definitelly entitled to sell their animals the way they see fit and at the price they see fit as well, like everything else their is more than one way to be successful selling snakes and BP in particular.


Maybe you as a staff member could make it easier for us to look at Animals that aren’t “stale”.

Im not quite sure I understand the reason for this post.


Right there with you @osbornereptiles

This seems like a personal gripe being publicly aired… :roll_eyes:


A very specific one I have no idea what they’re talking about :joy:


I wouldn’t call it a personal gripe. I think that we should be able to search for an animal without having to go through 9 pages of males that no one wants or really can’t use because there aren’t enough females to justify buying them. Maybe I’ll buy 10,000 baby females for 300,grow them up, and sell them for 1500 each in 2 years

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Do, you not use the gender filters?

Or sort by original post date?


I do. It’s still frustrating to have to go past all those “stale” listings. Also pick a morph out. Look at male and female numbers. Then filter out female and then filter out male. Add those numbers up and it is significantly lower than the total in every case

If you sort by newest first the “old” listings are on the last pages?

If you’ve had success selling males as a packaged deal as you suggested then I think it’s a great tip but I’m not sure what else the staff could do there are plenty of filter tools.

As for genders it is what it is man. More often than not males can be harder to sell depending on the morph of course. Not a crime for people to sell their males. If their prices are unrealistic they won’t sell, simple as that.


I mean, to me it makes sense that breeders would sell more males than females. They typically hold back the females to raise up so they can produce more clutches. Males don’t produce the eggs, so they’re not worth as much to breeders.
That’s why they tell you to have ~1:3 on male to female ratio in your collection!


Yep. I’m guilty of this. We’ve held back roughly 15.45 animals in the last two seasons and that doesn’t cover other animals we’ve acquired.

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Well while I do not work for morph market I however think it is already a great place to buy or sell, I have no difficulties finding what I need when I need it, which was not the case pre morph market when the only sites would not allow you to use filters, so when you were searching for a Leopard ball python for example everything from Leopard Geckos to Leopard Boas would show.

You can use the filters, you can pick genes, age, sex, food type etc so I am not seeing a real problem here.

As for sex ratio it is what it is , sometime as a breeder you are male heavy sometime you are female heavy, sometime breeders holdbacks males sometimes they holdback females so it will rarely be a 50/50 ratio.

If people start to complain about too many males not enough females what is next? too many normal, too many pastel…?


#1. I think it would be nice to see only animals posted In the last day 2-3 weeks. Not sort them out. The reason why is because I like to look at the oldest birth first.

#2. As far as what the market is. I’m suggesting doing a bundle deal to move the males. If that’s 3 males and one female for the group then so be it. Just a suggestion not a complaint. If this is a real pathway that people take I think there should be an option to only look at those bundles.

Again. I’m not complaining. Just stating an opinion covering 2 subjects in the same post. I’m sure there are plenty of people tired of looking at the stale animals. A feature to weed them out would be great. Thanks

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So I did that and sorted by oldest and got the same results.

Look. I’m not demanding it be fixed. Just merely suggesting. That’s all. People don’t need to get all twisted up about it like they clearly are.

Because sorting by oldest undoes sorting by most recent :joy::rofl:

If you need some help finding what you’re looking for I’m working from home and bored. Shoot me a dm I’m happy to browse around for you.

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I wish I had that luxury. I’m essential lol. I love my job though so it’s ok. I don’t qualify for the stimulus check and that’s the best part in my opinion

Most people who are looking for animals to add to their collections for breeding purposes are not looking for groups of males, which is why you won’t/don’t see them in “bundles deal”

No one here who is trying to help you is getting twisted up. You have been offered by many people on here to help you in your search for whatever it is you are looking for (which is still not clear) i don’t see how that is getting twisted up.

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