Caging/rack for carpet pythons

Sunglows are a mix of subspecies. A mutt, in other words. Just look at the link @stewart_reptiles posted and you will see that Darwin’s only have 3 pure mutations. Caramel is a coastal morph.


You have an intergrade which is fine but not knowing the percentage is where the problem would be for me if I intending on breeding the animal.

I like being able to answer people’s question when they ask about percentage and some will.

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Definitely something for me to think about. That would mean if i intend to sell to other breeders, it would be detrimental to use the sunglow mystery mix. I suppose if i can get a good color or pattern morph, to some it wouldnt matter as much, since i know some breeders refuse to disclose morph combos to keep a hold on the market of a morph for a while, but ive really only seen that for BP and can see that as being a great cause for concern when trying to make a sale if the seller doesnt know basic info about their snakes. I can record lineage moving forward, but i am unsure if previous lineage would be accurate since they said pure darwin and i am now finding out that is impossible. Definitely food for thought. For now its more of a hobby for me than a profession, but ill keep in mind if i intend to get serious at any point, these are things i will need to keep track of and questions ill need to ask when adding new genes in.

so at best, she would be a darwin/coastal if the breeder was at all telling the truth, and at worst she is either an albino darwin, or possibly a sunglow coastal. I suppose only time will tell. Caramel is a dominant trait, so perhaps i could bread her with a normal hetless carpet python and if it comes out caramel i can at least confirm she is sunglow. So much to pay attention to and learn haha, but at least it seems ive joined a good group for info, time to dive into those podcasts.

I don’t think coastals have a pure albino line. From the link Deb sent, they don’t. Sunglow is always a mix of subspecies it seems.

Caramel is incomplete-dominant, there is a superform and it is a more extreme expression of the trait

There is a pure Albino Costal actually, however, it is only in Australian collections because it was found a couple years ago and Oz does not allow exports

I suppose thats true, if i bred it with a caramel then some of the offspring should come out super caramel and that would also prove out the caramel.