Caimans, does anyone have one?

I just got a new Dwarf Caiman today and was wondering how many in the community has one. I am also looking for some advice on how to tame them. I know I need to give him his space for a while and let him get comfortable in his new surroundings. I have had one in the past but it has been 20 years and I have forgotten so much. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

Can’t say I know anyone else on here that has a caiman, but I can recommend a YouTube channel to watch. Here is a video that he does about his caiman, but he has other videos about crocodilians. The channel is called Chandler’s wild life.

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I do, in the literal sense. I named one of my male leopard geckos ‘Caiman’ because I thought he looked like a Caiman when he was a juvie. :joy:image


(Can you guys tell he smacks his food against the door? :see_no_evil: )

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Death smudges. :joy: So many bugs screamed their last on that door. The most fearsome caiman.


This is Chubbs!


Yes, I have a cuviers dwarf caiman. I don’t post here though. If you wanna chat, I have a thread here:

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How stinkin cute!