Calcium Treat

Ive heard of some people giving their snakes calcium as a treat however i dont know if i can do this for my Candy once in awhile. Shes a corn.
Ive heard of it being used on leopard geckos but mever snakes up until now. I cant reply as ive hit max replies as a new user, so ill try interact with likes instead


Some people do give calcium as a supplement, especially to breeding females, but it’s not really a treat. It’s a powder that you can dust on their mouse before feeding it to them.


Leopard geckos need calcium (and sometimes other vitamin) supplements because the insects they’re eating won’t supply enough for bone development. Metabolic bone disease is very common in leos when not supplemented.

Unless your snake is a breeding female, you shouldn’t have to worry about it much because the rodents they eat are full of bones. They’ll be able to get most of the nutrients they need without problems. Supplementing too much calcium may actually cause issues if you’re not careful.

If yours is a girl who’s laying, as @solarserpents said you can dip the back end of the meal in calcium powder and see if she’ll take it. But it’s not something you need to worry about doing often.