Calico or not?

Hi! I bought this new girl the other day advertised as calico spider yellow belly. Was just wondering what you all think, calico in there or just high white spider.
She is 3 months only, seller told white will higher over time.
Here is She and her Mother
Anyways what do you think?


I think I personally would lean towards no calico being present. Typically spider calicos have very high white sides, as spider already has some white showing that is visible.


thanks for your reply!
Can yellow belly reduce white from calico to yellow? Sorry for question, I’m just start in keeping

From what I’ve seen, yellowbelly tends to overpower calico, though you can typically still see some distortion in the yellowbelly pattern when sugar or calico is present.

It’s harder to tell with spider in the mix, but if that’s what the breeder says I’d take them at their word unless breeding proves otherwise.

I agree to an extent. (This reply is also for the OP, as I’m including some images indicating my reasoning why).
Calico can somewhat be hidden by YB, but the white sides that show up are typically present even as a baby, they just get more intense as they age. The first two photos are of a breeder male of mine, he’s a calico Yb. You can clearly tell he’s calico.
The next (2 I think) photos are of two of his sons, both are calico Yb.
The last pic is just a normal spider, possible spider specter. It was a banana bumblebee specter to a normal.

As you can see, the spiders look as expected, ver low whites. You throw calico or sugar into a spider and it typically washes out the sides significantly, so that’s why I lean towards no calico. It could be a very low expression calico, but I still vote most likely not present.

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Very nice. Did the adult male look like his babies when he was little or was it more obvious? It certainly shows up with age!

He was a lot less “messy” on his side patterns, this was not long after I got him.