California king snakes, an American classic

I did a search and was unable to find any threads specifically dedicated to the appreciation of California King snakes. Since they are one of the classic American herps I figured I ought to remedy that.
So why don’t ya hop on into the comments and share your best and brightest Ca. kings!
Tigra is one of the coolest looking California king snakes I’ve had the pleasure of keeping to date. I just love everything about her. The dash striping going down the center of her spine from her head to her tail, and the way it hides amongst the almost tiger-like banding along with the subtle but also somehow not so subtle yellows on her sides that fades to bright white on her back. All of that with a head pattern that looks like an ink blot test and a stellar temperament and appetite makes her one of my all time favorite snakes.

Cheesecake is cool looking, but hes a punk lol. He was sold as a lavender albino partial striped Ca. King

And Shortcake was also sold as a lavender albino full stripe. She is hit and miss on attitude. I definitely have to make sure to get the scent of any other snake off before handling her or she’ll try to eat me. The phot of her that looks pink was taken in the morning light by our patio door and light made her come out that way so that’s why I gave her the name Shortcake as in Strawberry Shortcake.


Short cake is one of my all-time favourite snakes I’ve ever seen. Do you have any clue how she will age. A absolutely beautiful animal… One day :relieved:

I like cheesecakes attitude. With a name like cheesecake you couldn’t get mad at that snake if it bit. I’d just find it amusing. But I love all your snakes @thebeardedherper! Definitely some snake eye candy you go there


Shes an adult now. Shes about 3.5 yrs old.

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So is that as dark as she will get? She won’t lose the yellow stripes?
The colour combination seems completely unnatural and reminds me of a royal, luxurious, velvety type of carpet or wallpaper

No she wont lose the yellow

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New pics of Shortcake the f

emale lavender albino partial stripe California King snake
Funny story, that rock has been in a couple of different lizard cages and right now it’s just sitting ontop of the fence but it guess it smelled tasty because she suddenly got very excited and tried to bite it. Then when I went to move her away she turned on me the little turd. I had to get her away from the rock for a minute before she decided it wasn’t feeding time afterall.


Updated shots of Tigra… female California king snake aberrant pattern from Great Basin Serpentarium. Shes got just the faintest hint of yellow creeping up the sides that shows up in just the right light and other times is nearly undetectable. I love her bluish-grey eyes too!


This little jerk just shed last night…

Was given to me as a lavender albino, but there has been a little debate about that.


Wow man. No filter or anything on that?


No. Only thing I did was basically adjust the brightness just because the lighting kind of diffused through the lid and cause a sort of flare effect from the original images…

I only ever try to adjust it back to what I see with my eye to make up for camera deficiencies.