California Mountain King (Lampropeltis Zonata)

A couple of pics of my cbb Lampropeltis Zonata. These are a local species for me but are difficult to encounter. This species is the first snake I remember seeing in the wild as kid.


This is an absolutely brilliant snake! I could survive well in a world of kingsnakes.


Very nice I love tri color snakes!


I find mostly rattlesnakes (oreganus) and garters but I spend a lot of time cruising and shining for both these and cal kings. I rarely find these (I recently made a friend who does though :wink: ) but I do find a fair number of cal kings.

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The person who gave this to me collected a wild female who was gravid. He hatched the eggs and his sons each kept one. When they left home and couldnt take them, the snakes had to be rehomed because we’re only allowed to have one WC.

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