Can a Bonus help sell high end snakes

Let me start by stating that I’m retired and moving to Florida to fish and exiting the hobby, that I loved for over 50 years!

I’m finding most buyers would love to purchase my high end snakes.
However, the current scary economy is preventing many sales as people are tightening up their cash.

I’ve decided to Bonus buyers with a Free Piebald ball Python with the purchase of every high end snake I sell.

Just starting this new strategy to see how it works on MM.

Do you have any better ideas to share besides cutting prices which many sellers are already doing??

Thanks all!!



I’m Trying to sell this Panda Pied with her sister as a free bonus.

Truly looking for your help as I exit the hobby!

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Buyers who are truly interested in purchasing high end snakes just go ahead and purchase the snake.
There’s a difference between people who want the snake and need the snake.
Those who need it will buy - regardless of the price tag.

Offering a second snake is an interesting idea, I personally would never offer it. You are low balling yourself in the end. What happens when this “bonus” ends, and people who only bought from you for the second free snake are no longer interested?

I’ve seen people offer discounts for multiple purchases, or send out coupons with like a 6 month expiration date. There’s other ways you can build up business without giving away “bonus” snakes.


I truly appreciate the input and I actually agree 100% with everything you said.

I need to edit my post to explain I’m 70 yrs old now and retired, in the process of moving to Florida to fish everyday and needing to sell all my pythons.

I had 150 balls and sold almost all and now down to just 13 holdbacks in my panda project and banana Pied project. They also need to go. I am keeping 1 or two pandas as pets for my grandkids :heart:

I hope others are as willing to help as you were.
Thanks again akmorph!


I personally don’t like the idea of a bonus snake. If somebody wants the high end snake they likely aren’t going to be interested in the other snake, which then might not be cared for as well or just sold off later, which can increase the stress on the snake. Additionally they might not have the space for two snakes and they might just try to make it work in less space which could result in below-par conditions.
As far as ways to encourage sales I think free shipping or a coupon toward your other snakes could help.


It’s incredibly difficult to sell super high end snakes if your not a well established breeder. I would personally lower the price before I would give away snakes.

I think this is also spot on.


Thank you… I think that’s a great point that I never considered.
I will explain to any buyer that I would allow a discount in lieu of the bonus snake unless they are looking to keep my pied. That will give them a choice to make based on your suggestion! Good idea erie-herbs!


I agree. Financially, what’s the difference between selling a $3000 snake with a free $300 snake thrown in, or lowering the price of the price of both a bit? I also feel like offering free shipping makes a big difference sometimes, or offering group discounts


I agree Mr grinch, & I’ve been a genetic line world renowned breeder for years.
I’ve bred and sold snakes privately for 50 years… but was CEO of a national company and owned several other companies so never advertised my hobby.

I’ve bred everything from mice to horses and more. My strains using top genetics have produced world champion horses more than once. See pics below of two of my champion siblings. My two time world champion Saddlebred, Punchbaby in 2006 and 2007 beat every horse in the world (most costing well over $1million each (including William Shatner’s and the star of Queer Eye great horses). I bred/produced her from my $10,000 mare by picking out the best genetic match for the price of a single stud fee! The so called professionals said I was making a mistake at the time but I produced 6 babies over the years with that one mare and each baby was worth over $100,000 when born and world champion caliber as adults.Punch herself was estimated to be worth $1.200,000 at time of her death.


I never felt free shipping meant anything but I’ll try it

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Grinch is fine no need for all the formalities :grinning:


I love horses and hope to get into show jumping one day, those horses are stunning. If you don’t mind me asking, what sport did they perform in?


This is very true. I am a living example.


I definitely agree! Two snakes, especially if it is a 1.1 pair is worth more then one snake with a small discount. I would say that if a snake is $3000, maybe drop it a little or make your listing not firm price. For example, I was buying a $2500 snake, and his listing was non firm price so I offered $2250. And personally, that negotiation is very awesome for me.


@panda-breeder got to respect a horse lover :slight_smile:

I agree with the above. I would pay the price If I wanted one and could afford it. But I would buy based on quality, not deals or lowest price.
Generally for me, if the seller has a good reputation for quality animals (any range) and the visual isn’t just the morphs wanted, but also looks the best example I will pay more.
Personally I cant afford High end right now (Covid damage to my income) so no incentive would make a difference.
For people like me who cant afford it, I guess we just wait until time makes them more common and more affordable.

A second though is a price war, be it by lower prices, or lower prices by other incentive, either way that can not be good for any business as a whole or the hobbie.

Stand out from the rest with quality, experience, knowledge and after sales is my belief. Gain Loyalty.
That’s how I make money in these dark days with my other business, and I enjoy the respect from my millionaire customers and them willingly implementing my recommendations, if not the massive income personally.
That’s just my belief and way of doing things, Not trying to say its the only way or best way but its worth throwing the idea into the mix…

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Respect! Back at ya

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Your ready for the dreem retirement, so respect to your business strategy

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I really appreciate that very nice & unselfish comment.

Thank you!

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