Can anybody tell me what morph this is?

This is my first post. This is my leopard gecko Sushi. I don’t know what the morph is. His spots are almost purple, as is part of his stripes. The other part is pale yellow. Please help.

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Looks like a snow. Most likely a mack snow, but impossible to which snow morph (mack, gem or tug) specifically without breeding

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Ok thank you so much!

At what age does the snow morphs get their white background color?

It looks like a snow

Where did he come from? A breeder, a store, or elsewhere?

Can you show us close ups of each eye?

He came from a store. They said he came to them from a breeder they got him from special so they could get older geckos in.

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I think he’s probably a snow. His pattern threw me a bit- sometimes irregular/faded speckling can be linked with Eclipse, but his eyes are normal.

Mack snows do not get more white, they would get less white if anything. A Mack snow isn’t necessarily completely pure white. If you go to morph market and search for Mack Snows (not the super form, just the heterozygous), you’ll see that many are not clean white. Some people call these one-copy animals ‘ghosts.’

Unfortunately, people have been indiscriminately breeding Mack Snow to almost anything else, so nowadays especially they can be yellow, tan, etc. Every time I see someone proudly displaying their ‘Mack Snow Tangerine Black Night,’ and it’s a muddy grey/brown, I cringe. People love shortcuts, but it’s selective breeding over time (+/- incorporation of single-gene traits) that yields the most impressive offspring.


Thank you so much.

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He’s a very handsome guy! I love the unusual speckled pattern! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you​:blush::blush: He is my super sweet boy.

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His pattern almost reminds me a little of the spotting patterns of E. fuscus, the West Indian leopard gecko. Very, very cool!