Can anybody tell me what this little dude is


Could be a cinnamon combo or a super cinny. Usually super cinnys are all brown like yours but I could be wrong

Thats what i was thinking but most of them i have seen was darker.

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Could just be a low expression one or just not as dark. Could try proving him out. Just breed him to a normal and see what pops out. If hes a super cinny then you’ll get all cinny offspring

It looks like a super Cinnamon to me

It definitely has cinnamon and pastel in it. It could be a pastel super cinnamon, but there are several cinnamon pastel combinations that can create a mostly patternless snake like that though. I don’t suppose you know the pairing that produced this animal?

Cinnamon offspring, not super cinnamon. :slight_smile:


Nope i sure dont. I bought a few different juveniles from a fellow for pretty cheap but he had no book keeping skills apparently. They were cool looking so i got them. Guess ill just have to prove them out myself

Yes thanks for the correction that’s what I meant lol

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Super cinny. They tend to be more brown than black when they get some siZe

Just keeping you on your toes brother lol

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I don’t see how this is not a super cinny being that’s it all one color. It may have pastel in it but that tends to give him a silver coloration.

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Appreciate it haha

I can’t be 100% sure, but I believe that is snake

Hahaha of course its snake